The Service Centre is part of the Common Facilities of European LifeWatch, and is responsible for the provision of tools and services to the user communities, communication activities of the LifeWatch infrastructure in general, as well as the active involvement of the European scientific community in LifeWatch.

Its location in Lecce (Apulia, Italy) has been a strategical choice, as Apulia falls under the Convergence Objective of the European Union, and proved to be successful in anticipating the European Horizon 2020 strategies, investing in research for an industrial sector leader in the technological development, and integrating different funding sources in the construction and operational phases of the research infrastructure (i.e. the 3S strategy, the creation of Living Labs and support the technological clusters, focusing on the Key Enabling Technologies [KET] related to biotechnologies, such as: biotechnologies for agriculture, food quality and security; bio-informatics and bio-imaging technologies; technologies for bio-sensors; advanced technologies for biomasses' utilization and technologies for innovative and competitive platforms).

During the transition phase, the Service Centre has been coordinated by the LifeWatch-ITA JRU, being hosted by the University of Salento, which is contributing in-kind to the Service Centre offices, general facilities and key staff officers.