LifeWatch Research & Innovation Centre

The Ministry OCW, NWO (Earth and Life Sciences) and the University of Amsterdam have agreed (OCW letter, dd. 30/8/2012) to jointly make funds available that allow the Netherlands to become member, given the presence of LifeWatch on the ESFRI and National Roadmaps, and the importance to maintain a leading role in the development. This covers the funds for the ERIC cash contribution for five years plus a limited national contribution to develop the LifeWatch Common Facilities in the Netherlands. Moreover, a national LifeWatch consortium will be formally established once the ERIC is installed, to provide the national in-kind contributions.

The current document describes the planning for LifeWatch Research and Innovation Centre Netherlands for the initial 5 years of construction of the LifeWatch. The proposed construction activities and related investments have two components:

  • The construction of the LifeWatch Common Facilities in the Netherlands, coordinated by the University of Amsterdam (UvA), based on the agreement of the Ministry OCW, NWO and the UvA.
  • Activities of the LifeWatch consortium of the Netherlands (universities, research institutions, data providers, curators) that will develop in-kind contributions to the construction, operating on the basis of a consortium agreement.

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